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Bryn Perrot

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I apologize if anyone has posted about her on here before and all of that, but I just stumbled onto her art through an Instagram hole. She makes woodcuts based on tattoo imagery, and HOLY FUCK, I'm blown away. As soon as I have some extra cash, I definitely want one (really, all of them) for my collection.

Bryn Perrott

Edit: Son of a bitch. I misspelled her name in the thread title.

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i saw a few of these on a blog awhile back, and was bummed they didn't source them. PROBLEM SOLVED.

also, i have a degree in printmaking, and specialized in woodcuts and etchings. i made it all right around the time i really delved into learning tattoo imagery, and i've been wanting to make more to replace it all, since it's pretty rough. i don't even have access to a printing press right now, but this stuff reaaaaally makes me want to dig out the chisels again.

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