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What's your EDC knife?

Mike Panic

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There's a gun thread, figured I'd start one on every day carry (EDC) knives. I didn't carry for a long time, mostly because I can't stand a lot of crap in my pockets, between an iPhone, keys, wallet, didn't want a knife too. Most of my friends swear they couldn't live without having one. One day I randomly see a knife that visually appeals to me, the Gerber Mini Remix.



Now, it's functional, sharp for what it is, but it sucks to open. For a $16 knife, I'm happy for what it is, but this will most likely end up in my car's glove box, or putting it on a carabiner and clipping it to my hiking backpack for extra knife. One handed, it's not the easiest thing to open. Open, it's very useful and think the size is perfect, if not smaller is better here. In the pocket, I really like how low it sits.

All that being said, I've now been bit by the EDC bug and am looking for a assisted opening knife. Looking for some suggestions. I like thin, clean design, which is vein of me to say but design does matter here. I'm also not a huge fan of plastic / poly frames, prefer aluminum or steel. Also really prefer it to ride low in the pocket and expose very little if possible. Silver or black is open.

What I've been considering is the Kershaw Leek


In that photo, which is somewhat rare, the clip is shown installed in the alternative install, resulting in a tip-down carry. Stock, it comes installed at the other end and a huge chunk sticks out of your pocket. Every YouTube review / blog article I've read says this is an awesome EDC knife that borders on the gentleman's knife category. I also like that it comes in all black, although there's a serious up-charge for that. Thumb studs or flipper for open, downside that everyone says is that the tip is very thin and because of that is prone to breaking. I can get this for about $30.

The other EDC I'm considering is the SOG TWITCH II


By all accounts, this is what everyone directly compares the Leek to. It has a clip design that's meant to ride low, thumbstuds and flipper for opening, but have read a few less than favorable reviews on the lock it uses. Runs around $40.

FWIW, I also don't like serrated blades on EDCs, hence me choosing knives without them.

What are you carrying, what do you think is a perfect EDC / what do you look for in an EDC?

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Kershaw Leek is a nice, if somewhat overpriced knife.

I kinda like CRKT knives, carry an M16 for casual wear, and a K41 Ken Onion Design CRKT for dress use.

One thing I will note, if you don't know how to use a knife in a fight, don't even think about it!

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One thing I will note, if you don't know how to use a knife in a fight, don't even think about it!

Probably should have put in there, I don't want a knife for self defense, PA is a CCW state and I bring my gun to knife fights :D Just looking for something to slice boxes open, cut packages, ya know, every day tasks.

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I've been using a couple different knives for edc for awhile. For the most part they double as my money clip. My favorite is a crkt van hoy snap lock. I like it better than assisted open knives. Its takes a little getting used to how to open it but once you do, it opens pretty quick. Not able to post pics at the moment but I'll see if I can figure something out. So when I don't have it, its usually a duluth trading lock blade. Nothing fancy just a good size for all around and works good as a money clip also. Its one of the few lock blades I've had that I really like and its easy to open with just your thumb. Then I keep in my backpack for work, I've got a small swiss army, a gerber multi-tool (not really a knife but does still have a few blades on it) and a crkt hawk k-at. Then in the car I've got leatherman multi-tool, a large swiss army, an assisted open that a military buddy gave me, and a small hatchet.

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Well I don't carry anything anymore, when I did back in the states I had a Gerber Gator. Now here in this country I'll be taken to the police station to fill out a report if I have any type of blade..... But two days out of the week I walk around with a 6 foot bo staff, no problems what so ever, go figure.

i like your style!


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I don't carry assisted types anymore since they confiscated mine twice when I lived in Newark (bastards!). Apparently in the fantastic state of NJ they fall in a grey area.

If I am in NYC or in a suit I carry this little guy


otherwise I got this guy


and I always keep a fixed blade/leatherman in my jeep and carry those when I am out of urban areas. Nothing beats a kabar when you actually need to do anything with a blade.


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I used to carry a Spyderco Delica for my work, or sometimes a Spyderco Rescue. Both were used for cutting ligatures, seatbelts, etc. Nowadays I just don't have the need anymore. I still have the Rescue in a compartment in my car, and a few bits and bobs around the office.

The situation in Ireland is similar to that of the U.K. On a daily basis if you are carrying a knife or anything which can be improvised as a weapon then you need to be able to explain it in the context of your employment or some recreational reason. So there's no problem carrying a fishing knife along with your rod on your way down to the river, but if you're toting the same knife everywhere you go then that's an offence.

I've got some nice carbon steel kitchen knives that we bought in Japan, and in Cambodia recently I bought a set of six hand-made steak knives. I like the fact that I actually use them on a daily basis in the kitchen: In the past I've bought some really nice custom knives and they ended up not being used for much of anything, really, they were so nice I didn't want to 'ruin' them, which is silly. I've sold most of them on over the years.

Crappy pic-


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