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Shop Decoration?

Dan S

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On an absolutely non-tattoo related note, I picked up a group of shoulder-mounts the other day, and really don't want to keep them. These are older mounts, probably from the late-eighties. Good condition, but not new.

Have two antelope with nice horns, and two whitetail deer with decent racks, one 7-point, one 8-point, neither beam is huge, but they are respectable.

Could make a different wall deco for a shop, or???





Not the best pix, what can I tell ya. Would like $100 each for the whitetails, $150 each for the antelope.

Oh, and if anyone wants a nice old Paider barbers-chair, the one they are sitting on is circa 1913, and I would let it go pretty cheap.

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full pics of the chair? and how much? could be a sweet addition to the man cave! :D

I'll get some pix of it up, gimme a few days. It's a beautiful piece, it's rough-I pulled it out a barn, but it's all there, even the headrest-with truly old barber chairs that's always an issue. I paid four bills for just the headrest for my bud's chair, had to be period correct, all that rale-dazzle. I'd like to start talking at a grand, but hey-everything is a negotiation, right?!

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