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Hiya :)


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I can't believe I'm only just now stumbling across this forum, but I am super glad that I did! I love tattoos. I am constantly reading about and researching all things tattoo related, which is why I'm surprised that I didn't find LST earlier. I've never really been an active participant- or lurker - in too many forums, so this is a new experience for me!

On to the intro:

Hi! I've been lurking around here for awhile and only just now signed up, and, well...hello! I am not a tattoo artist, just a collector. I'm originally from Texas and Oklahoma, but I live in Seattle now. I am...suddenly at a loss as to what to say here. Hello, it's nice to meet you all, I have enjoyed reading many of your posts already and I am looking forward to reading and learning more! :)

-Val (<--is a big dork. but it seems i'm in good company? ;))

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Strength in numbers! Who have you "collected" from?

In my 'collection', my favorite is a tattoo by Thomas Graham from Supergenius Tattoo here in Seattle. It's a gorgeous pistol that takes up most of my inner forearm, from my elbow to my wrist, with a banner reading "TANSTAAFL" (any Heinlein fans?) wrapped around it. I will post pics soon. I've got a few others from the Supergenius crew, but nothing that compares to the quality and general badassery of what Thomas made! It's funny, because it was my first 'real' tattoo, in the sense that it was big, colorful, and on a visible part of my body. I went in terrified, in a shaking voice requested a small tattoo of crossed pistols with the 'tanstaafl' banner, and was told to come back in two weeks. Two weeks later he had drawn a HUGE, GORGEOUS pistol. I was terrified of the size but also afraid to back down (I was much younger then :)) and so decided to go for it. One of the best decisions I ever made. :) Even though I've had five tattoos done at Supergenius, I still have residual shakes whenever I go down there, something to do with that first time, when I was so young and terrified! It's funny how those things can stick with us, even when there is no real reason for it. The crew there is pretty awesome, and I recommend Thomas heartily - I have an awesome piece of art because of him.

I'm adding a large peony to my collection soon. I'm going to visit Junii at Diamond Club in early Nov!! I'm stoked about it!

I'ma post this and see about uploading some pics.

- - - Updated - - -

I'm having a hard time getting a good (quick!) pic. These don't do the tattoo or color justice, but are at least somethin' to look at til I get some better pics up :). That's a "Flying L" on the handle, FYI.

The first one was taken shortly after it was completed in early '07, the others are from today!

And though in my earlier post I mentioned something about getting the tattoo when I was "much younger", it was really like only five years ago. I guess my early-mid twenties just *feel* a lot further away than they actually are. :p

Enjoy the shaky pics taken under bad light. :cool:

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