terrible tattoos

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Old Triumphs get a pass' date=' new Triumphs ... sorry.

Only kidding. I have a Harley Fatboy and a Yamaha Road Star. I love all motorcycles.[/quote']

I have both. A '68 Bonneville and a '97 Thunderbird.

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Old Triumphs get a pass, new Triumphs ... sorry.

Only kidding. I have a Harley Fatboy and a Yamaha Road Star. I love all motorcycles.

Have a Fatboy as well


...also a fan of pretty much any motorcycle. As long as you're in the wind.

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They sure do use a lot of ice in Nowhere, OK.

There's a lake right down the road and that's the only store within about 20 miles, they sell a lot of beer there as well. :D

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If you think Dino is good, Sticky Lips much be better. Bad ass you know about that place, though. Food is fucking phenomenal.

Thanks for the tip. I grew up in Buffalo, but both my Sister and Dad live in Rochester now. I was just there 10 days ago for my annual visit. I never fail to eat at Dino and at Rorhbach when I'm up there.

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Rochester's weather sucks from the end of October-April. The rest of the year it's nice, but it's noticeably cloudier/rains more than when i lived in NYC/LI.

I'm just joking. My wife comes from Rochester. I like DC. Most years I start riding in March and don't put the bike completely up until December. Of course in my advanced years that requires heated gloves.

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well at work a new guy just started, so i see a ugly looking cross, and the words that look like raiders?, so i ask him if it says raiders, he says no its his son names raiden, I asked where did that get done, he said he was drunk, using a cheap kit he bought off line, pretty scary.

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This is the worst tattoo ever! Supposed to be a cover up, bit you can clearly see the old one showing through. Done by Starr, at circus muse, in atascosita tx. I need some ideas to fix or cover it, besides laser removal! The moon was supposed to be white and black filled. :( Got a reputable artist willing to fix it, I just don't know what to do with it.  



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    • So I may add more detail to the face at some point. Just to make myself more comfortable. I appreciate the help. I know that in time I will get used to it being on my skin. Something along these lines in detail. I guess to me it looks more cartoon than traditional Japanese like I had in mind. I’m moving to Philadelphia and I know there must be good artists there. 
    • I wouldn’t recommend having your first tattoo experience be on your back down your spine. That being said, welcome! Do your research on an artist that has done similar work to what you want. Show them some references and don’t rush the process. Try to think about your future plans too and where this tattoo will fit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Looks good to me 🙂
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    • By summerlovin6411
      Hello, I'm obviously new here, & I've heard a lot of great things about this forum so I figured I'd give it a shot.
      My main reason for joining is because I am in desperate need of advice for a cover-up of the tat I got when I turned 18.

      As you can see it's fantastic. On top of it being a bright green square its also slightly crooked (The way I'm standing trying to take the pic myself makes it look a lot worse)
      I've got a rib cage piece of black & grey roses and a compass, so I'd like to stay away from more roses. Ideally i'd like to use as little color as possible as well, but I'm open to whatever needs to be done to save me from the "Yea I think your tractor's sexy" comments every time I go to the beach.
      Any advice is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you
    • By 67olds
      This is a kid im friends with on facebook....bragging about his sweet new tattoos from a guy he knows named lego!! good call
    • By PhilB
      ...will get the best of your better judgement.
      I had been hearing about this guy for a while now: To the Point Tattoos Charles Parent
      (you can easily Google and see his website, more on that in a second).
      This place just happens to be not very far from where I live, and I felt like taking the dogs to a new destination on their walk...Went there and the man himself introduced himself to me, claimed he had "34 years" doing this. The shop is in his house, although he at least converted the garage to what looks to be a fairly decent shop environment. Proper chairs, etc...There was one other lady and two other young guys working there.
      He showed me the coverup he did himself on one of the young guys that works there. The young guy showed me and proudly exclaimed this was all freehand, none of "that stencil shit" (yeah, why would you want to draw something in advance, position it, etc?).
      It's here: Charles' Gallery - To The Point Tattoo (if that doesn't work, go to Home - To The Point Tattoo, then pick Charles' gallery)
      Go all the way to the last two pictures, the first one is titled "Coverup extraordinaire", then a closeup of it. I don't know if "Crayola drawn on by a 12 year old" was the desired effect, but that's what I got from it. It was hard keeping a straight face looking at it, but I walked out, never to darken that doorstep again (unless someone I know and like is on their way there to get tattooed, then I'll have to go stop them!) Don't know if there's any truth to the accusations of him stealing stuff for his portfolio, but let's just say looking at his gallery shows me two different calibers of work: 1- Nice and clean, and 2 - Horrendous. That is usually not done by the same person, unless he's heavily medicated at times!
      Anybody know this guy?
    • By abees
      some of my favourites are attached below.
    • By MsRad
      Ok, so I don't talk about politics here, and I'm not about to start (nor do I want this thread to start any political debates), but this is just batshit crazy, regardless of who your candidate of choice is. From the one and only Gawker: