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So...anyone on here got any? I fancy one somewhere, possibly a big one on my ribs when I:

a) Man up enough to get my ribs done


b) Have finished my current ongoing piece and my next planned one!

I've found some on google images and instagram that I like a lot, but I have found a lot more that look a bit ropey! Anybody got any good photos of this great image? and what kind of artist would you go for for this kind of style? Someone specialising in japanese style and similar presumably?

I will post some of the ones I've found and like when I get a minute to play with google and photobucket! :D

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It will be on the outside of my upper arm as part of a sleeve by Kore Flatmo.

Ah that's awesome man, looking forward to seeing it in 2013!

@SStu Not me buddy but I know who you are thinking of, big Chad K tibetan skull on ribs!! When I think tibetan skull this always pops into my thoughts, I think this could be the holy grail of all tibetan skulls. Shiges' bodysuit by Filip Leu,legends!!

That is indeed an awesome tibetan skull! Filip Leu's work is obviously amazing... he is one of the few artists that I read about when I first started getting seriously interested in tattooing who is still talked about regularly today I think. I imagine that getting work from him is a serious challenge! I usually prefer colour tattoos but find his black and grey stuff insanely good.

I found it.

and apologies to @hgiles for stealing his thunder . . .

Thanks for this... that is the sort of size and placement I'm thinking I would like. Bet it stung! Not sure how long a sitting I could hack on my ribs, I was awful when I got my back done, I think the tattooer hated me a bit...arms and thighs seem alright to me...but I'm hella scared of the ribs!

Here are a couple of drawings I like, first by a guy called Rodrigo Morbeck, second by Beppe Shiro - I know nothing about these artists, just found the images on an instagram search.



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@Just Alex and @Dennis big ups for two new dudes for getting this shit started right! I always think of Dana Helmuth (and uh, Filip Leu) when I think of tibetan skulls.. and I know the Helmuth association is from a TAM interview.. Gonna have to check my bookshelves tomorrow and see if I can find some. Good stuff! And goodnight! (Yeah, just got off work, feeling pretty all right about now..)
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