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New GoPro promo clips, so sick

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While this is a product manufacture company doing the promo video, it's one of the best short vids I've seen in a long time in the action sports world. It's almost as if these guys watched That's it That's all and / or hired the directors from that to make this.


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I have both the Hero 2 and the Hero 3 black edition. although they are absolutely amazing, that video gives them a false representation. That video has many filters and edits done to make the footage look really good, and the slow motion is actually not the easiest to do at all. Especially some of the scenes that are really slow, you need to spend a few hundred on a video program to get that done.

That being said, I love the gopro's, a ton of fun, huge variety of settings and usages.

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Oh you're absolutely right @NorthernBrother, most all of that footage was shot at 60fps and then edited and shown at 24fps to get the speed right - and some serious rigging, multiple cameras, great overall team effort. I can't imagine the hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of footage the edit team had to sift through to make a 5 minute video. You also need to be real comfortable in a chair with Premier or Final Cut.

I still think the GoPro has forever changed videography for the better. They are cheap, can be stuck anywhere, and it's not uncommon for reality / real world based TV shows to use hundreds of these to get otherwise impossible shots. The real skills are now being shown with editing though.

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