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Coming out of Lurkerdom


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Hey all. I joined this site back in August and have been reading and viewing pictures. I love this site so far.

A bit about me: I am a 39 year old female and work in the IT field. I have been married for 14 years and have 2 dogs. We live in Illinois right outside of the St Louis, MO area. I am a life long Cardinals fan (bummer that they didn't win to make it to the world series tonight). Part of the reason I can't sleep, LOL.

I have 10 tattoos so far and looking to add several more............well quite a few more, LOL. I attached a couple of pictures of my tattoos.

My tattoos are:

infinity symbol and heart on my left wrist (inside), adding my anniversary date to this on Monday

Lion with the Leo symbol on my left upper arm

My deceased daughters name on my back right shoulder (adding more to this at some point)

Iris flower on my right shoulder (started as tribute to my mom, need to add more to it)

Lotus flower on my lower back (adding water, lily pads, butterfly and dragon fly to this piece soon)

Cala Lilies and my husbands name on my left breast (those were our wedding flowers and I keep him next to my heart)

Tiger lillies with vinery on my stomach surrounding my navel (tiger lillies are my favorite flowers......any lillies really)

Tazmanian Devil with my graduation year on my upper right thigh (my favorite cartoon and my nickname)

Musical note with a heart (for my love of music)

Tribal heart on my right ankle (I drew this and had it cleaned up a bit for a tattoo)

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