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Hello from Scotland

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Hey guys, just about to get my first (of many) tattoos and wanted to join a group where I could get the best advice



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Welcome, Panda!

Sorry it took so long for any of us surly bastards to notice your post-no excuse!

So, let's hear about your tattoo plans?!

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    • I've never heard of "edge day" or "  straight edge ", LOL I guess that dates me ?   just look at my avatar ! 
    • Grew up in ny in the 80's and had a cousin that was super into New York hard core. He explained to me back then that straight edge skin heads (as they were known back then) were the opposite of nazi skin heads. I took that to mean they weren't racist. He also said they abstained from booze and drugs. A noble course for sure.  But they were also super into their lifestyle and weren't always nice to those who chose a different path. But still I appreciated them way more than the nazi skin heads.  Ive met a lot of straight edge folks through the tattoo world. Funny story... I follow a guy on Instagram who happens to be straight edge. I didn't know this at the time. He was always posting pics of himself in front of strip joints. I remember thinking, "wow, this dude really loves strip clubs" until I realized it was the XXX from the strip club that he was really showcasing. The whole "edge is everywhere" bit. I laughed pretty hard cause for the longest time I thought he was just a bit of a perv. Not that there is anything wrong with that.    As for myself, I am more of a wiggly edge dude. 
    • Welcome. Good luck with finding the right artist!
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