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Just found this forum, wish I found it years ago! I got my first tattoo nearly 25 years ago and within the last ten or so got "serious" about the art. I now have two full sleeves so far, and am planning the concept for my left leg. But before the leg I am having my hand done in three weeks. I have wanted to do this for years, and now 16 years into my career I am comfortable finally doing it, not worried about the "job stopper" aspect of it.

And I still have the first tattoo I ever got. It was a 35 dollar flash piece, poorly done and rather unattractive. But I can't have it covered, too sentimental. It was all I could afford and I wanted a tattoo so badly at the time. I know better now but who wouldn't want a green skull with a Mohawk tattooed on them?

It is tattoo season here in Washington State, for the next nine months we don't have to worry about sun damaging tattoos; it only rains now.

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My sleeves and upcoming tattoos are all by Tim McCarthy at Tsunami Tattoo. With the exception of my cheapo first flash piece and another two that were covered during a sleeve, all of my tattoos are by him. I give him a concept and ideas and he runs with it. I am continually amazed at his talent and trust him completely; he has done freehand tattooing on me before with no stenciling. Part of one sleeve is bio-mechanical style and he free handed quite a bit.

For my hand I am having the bottom portion of my Japanese sleeve extended down onto my hand (that lower part is flower design) and then a skull in the center of my hand. He will design it to flow from the sleeve and integrate the skull into it and be consistent in style. I really won't know exactly what it will look like until I get in the chair, but I know from sitting in that same chair for dozens and dozens of hours it will look great.

For my leg I am having a coral reef theme. I have two reefs in my house (in tanks) and am rather obsessed with them.

Gonna post pics soon but only have camera phone to use. Maybe I'll honor the scratchy first tattoo and make it my 35 dollar avitar.

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