Coverup artist in France/Western Europe?

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So I have this god-awful hexagon tattoo (on top of it all the lines are such a mess ugh) that I got before I really got into good tattoos and I want to get it covered up so bad but I'm want to make sure I find an artist that can do a good job covering it up. I'm currently in Paris, so I was wondering if anyone knew who could do a badass coverup in France or maybe somewhere else in Western Europe? Also any ideas what could cover it up?

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Jesus Christ,do you wan't me to come to Paris and take you to a shop too?

Easy Sacha@ Mystery Tattoo Club

Bruno@ Tin Tin

Henrik@ Henrik Tatouage Toulouse


You can probably turn that into a flower like these- Photo by alexstrangler • Instagram

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I've seen the guys from East Tattoo cover stuff like that with big dark-scaled koi. They did a guest spot in Paris this year, and will probably be back there at some point.

I'd think someone like Tin Tin would have, in his time, covered up more awkward pieces than that.

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    • On a positive note, I have a large tat on my back that I was apprehensive about at first, but really love it now, 2 years later.
    • I appriciate the advice and I'm really sorry about the way yours is healing. I hope in the end it heals normally in the end.
    • I understand how you’re feeling, dealing with regret myself though it’s due to my tat being infected and will probably not heal well.  I’m mad I did this to myself. plus mine is on my forearm so it’s very visible and looks so nasty.    however, we can’t go back in time and change things.  So try not to think about the chemicals, everything is made of chemicals anyway doesn’t mean it’s bad.     and if you’re self conscience, just wear a shirt and forget about the tat. 
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