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    • By MMtexas
      ive posted a picture that I drew years ago and there is what I believe is a Japanese symbol instead of Chinese. I would greatly appreate a lot if someone where to help translate the symbol to English
      thank you for reading
    • By Tony Hernandez
      So I'm originally from Texas currently in Florida, I'm active duty navy going on 7years now. Not an artist just an enthusiast. I have a full sleeve extending to my chest on my left side and a half sleeve on my right soon to be full sleeve. They're Japanese style smoke waves and all. Had them done in Japan by two different artist one of which left a few minor imperfections (no big deal). I'm trying to find a way to do a smooth transition in-order to have multiple styles yet have it all come together nicely. I'm open for any and all suggestions.
    • By Bonnie Baker
      Hey, guys. My name is Bonnie and I am from the mississippi gulf coast. I am currently going to school for chemistry. A few years ago I determined that I needed to get some art on my back. After years of deliberating, I've decided on a full japanese style back piece. I'm starting it in a week in Nola! My family thinks I'm crazy for choosing such a large tattoo for my first, but it just feels right. (Don't know how long it will feel right once the needle is going across my skin, haha). Anyways, I came across this site looking for advice and saw that everyone posting seemed really lovely and friendly. I'm looking forward to talking to folks. I'm pretty nervous so advice and words of encouragement are always appreciated!
    • By PhilB
      Well, my artist and I have been talking about a sleeve for a while and I know that'll be my next endeavour, most likely with a chest panel. I've been trying to figure out some sort of idea he can work with (I find it easier to just give an idea and see what he comes up with. That's how the squidpant happened).
      At first, I kept thinking that I love Japanese stuff, but that "everyone has big traditional Japanese pieces". On the other hand, they are popular for a reason...there is something to be said for tradition (and my artist does amazing tigers).
      My squidpant (can you singularize squidpants?) is all Egyptian stuff, and I'm of Egyptian origin, so that's a no-brainer. I feel a little like doing a big Japanese piece would be like "stealing" a little from this culture, of which I am not part. The other side of that coin is that Japanese art is a huge part of tattoo culture (if you can call it that, and I do believe there is such a thing)...
      I have a piece on my chest that is influenced from Norse mythology, and I was worried about offending people of Norse heritage, but it's far enough removed from the inspiration that I actually have to tell the story about it...
      I don't know if I'm making sense here. Am I the only one who gets these feelings? Is traditional Japanese such an integral part of tattooing now that it is considered an implicit part of tattooing?
    • By BugsyPageau
      My name is Bugsy Pageau, Im from Arizona and im into doing tattoos, looking at pictures of tattoos, painting, looking at paintings. I think im in the right place.