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Hello everyone! My name's Keli. Currently living in Dallas, TX. I only have one tattoo at the moment (a simple ram/snake/triquetra black and gray), but it will most certainly not be my last. I'm really into the macabre and black/gray, and that will likely be the basis of my future skin. Maybe I'll throw in something pretty and girly, so I don't look entirely like a walking nightmare :).

Anyways, I'm glad to be here. A forum that is both fun AND informational, who'd a thunk it? Time to break free of lurkerdom and join the group I've been spying on for weeks.


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Thank you, Ray! I haven't decided yet but I'm definitely going to keep Frank in mind when I do get my next one. I love the clown girl he did with Rember.

I'm helping my husband find an artist for his next one. He wants to use one of my drawings for the artist to work from and he seems set on the guy who did my first tattoo. As much as I like my first, and with all due respect to the artist, I think he could do better to find someone who can turn my piece into something amazing. Especially after having read this forum. I'm going to refer him to LST for sure.

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