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I have these 2 awkward spots on my chest and I can't figure out what to get there, I've racked by little brain and it's just an odd, horizontal shape.

I'm probably going to have Jondix do some patterns behind the plane between the wings but I'm stumped on the area between the plane and the red roses.

Any suggestions are appreciated :D


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Black n Grey stylie Black Widow would fit good .

I have one in my armpit already :D

- - - Updated - - -

Those look like good spots to keep for a bit. Use em as great little squares for fun filler tattoos.

I think you might be right. I'm going to have BJ Betts dial in the script on my chest next time he comes to CA, have Jondix do some patterns behind the plane and besides my back which will get started in Jan, those are all I really have left for open spots. I better just be patient and choose wisely :D

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I love Jondix's work and would gladly stand in a long line to get some of his work done on me, but I'm not feeling it for behind the plane. What about some soft (light grey) clouds or smoke (from the exaust)? Some of those could drop a bit below the wings, too. Maybe light or sun bars underneath?

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I know Jondix is an architectual genius and a master in shapes, dots, and lines. He will do an outstanding job no matter what. Looking forward to seeing it.

I am not an artist but consider a dirt runway and some green trees on the sides of the runway displaying some visual dimension like the plane is taking off. There may be enough room to have plenty of trees different sizes or maybe the plane is taking off from a wheat field, hay field or something with a bit of color. It will show the plane off, show good contrast, simple so people dont have to be up in your personal space to see and lastly will not wash or hide Jondix's work. Good luck, keep all the pictures coming.

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