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joining the festivities


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hello all!

My names Justin ,lurking for long time,thought Id introduce myself and get involved.This is great forum sharing knowledge I only wish I had 8 years ago..instead of scratchers and hacks ,i went with a few airbrushed portrait tattoos that were all the rage in the SHITTY FUCKIN TATTOO MAGAZINES

(i hold no grudge)

..the look of disdain from some of my favorite tattooers and the open call out from one in particular led me to rethink my choices..bad choices = learning .So can the NO black line airbrush tattoo be smashed over with bold will hold black traditional without lasering ?one day i will find out ..

i did lead my wife and best friend to get tattoos from ED Hardy before retirement ,but didnt get one myself,yet another harsh pill to swallow...

good day to everyone !

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