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ManWoman R.I.P

Petri Aspvik

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Just heard about this from my brother-in-law of all people. They're from the same town in Canada, and ManWoman was a family friend of his. Small world. Sad to lose anyone, especially when that person is so dedicated to spreading a message of peace and understanding. The swastika book he put together is great, need to finally get my hands on a copy.

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ManWoman and Dennis "Stalking" Avner in the same 24 hour period. These were people who shaped my lives and taught me that you didn't have to be "normal" to live and enjoy life (and live it to the fullest). They were the people who got me thinking about what "normal" actually means, to question gender/gender roles, to questions stereotypes, and who taught me that beauty can appear in ways that to some may be strange, but to me, just made sense. These two people changed my life so profoundly. I thank you both for having lived and for helping others to question the world around them, and to broaden their understanding of it. Both did a great service to us all.

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His facebook fan page has some more information:


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