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Hello, and please help :)

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Hi there! I joined this forum to ask for help from some creative minds. Ive got this "Heroes" tattoo when I was sixteen, and I have now grown tired of it and I would like to cover it up with another tattoo.. Problem is that I`m not any good at drawing, and I do not have any friends who are especially creative. So I have to look for help from you guys :) I love animals and I resently become fond of tribal looking animal-tattoos. I also like cartoonlike tattoos; like super mario, pokemon ect. Last but not least I love double meanings and drawings (tattoos) that are hard to understand. Can anyone help me? :)

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The great thing is you don't have to be any good at drawing, nor do your friends. You just have to find a really good tattoo artist whose work you admire and (s)he can do all the drawing for you! Have you looked in the galleries here? Look through the galleries, watch the video interviews... you'll start to find artists you really want to be tattooed by. My first few tattoos, I thought I had to bring a picture of what I wanted and just get that--and a couple of the tattooers I went to, I didn't trust them to stray from my image because I didn't really know what they were capable of, I went based on friend recommendations without doing any research. I even did that with the famous Mark Mahoney (and feel a little silly about it now, although I still love my little black cat silhouette that he did and the whole experience of it). Since I joined LST, I have gone on to find amazing artists who I just say, "I want ____." And I know they can run with it and make it a way better tattoo than I could have even imagined.

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I love how here on LST within a few posts you guys already beat me to the punch but I will reiterate I guess.

1. Where are you located? I'm sure we can point you in the direction of some great artists/shops in your area. Also would you be willing to travel a bit for some stellar work?

2. Most of us got at least one tattoo we aren't fond of. I do! (and it's a bit bigger than yours for sure!) My approach is to just get some other really killer tattoos around it.

3. The best part about going to a good tattoo artist is they are killer at drawing tattoos! Hell it's their job. I also had the same thought process as you did when I got my first tattoo, which was to make sure I had an actual draw image before I enter the shop. Now I don't do that anymore. Good tattoo artists will draw up some killer tattoos for you. This is kind important if you want to do a coverup as they will know what image will over it up the best.

4. While this is more of a personal opinion double-meaning imagery can be cool but I really enjoy readable tattoos. This doesn't mean that it has to be simple and bland but more along the lines of "within 10 seconds I understand what image I am looking at." At least in my opinion even if people don't "get it" it still is visually appealing for the rest of your life.

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    • yep. 4-6 weeks before you really know what you've got.  post a link to the person who you're looking at for re-working it. 
    • I'd wait until it's healed so you actually know what it's going to look like before I start looking at having it "fixed." How exactly is the other artist going to "fix" it? I've seen more tattoos that look worse after they are fixed than better.
    • Hello everyone. So I got this rose tattoo two weeks ago. Still healing and I know I want to get it “fixed”. My issue with it is that while it looks like a rose you have to look hard to see it’s a rose. I have an appt. scheduled for April to have it worked on by a different artist (he did a pocket watch on my ribs last year that came out great). In meeting with him he said it lacks symmetry (which it does) among some other things, but he feels he can work on this. Looking for any advice. Is this fixable or is it a lost cause? If it’s not fixable then it is what it is, but Tully hoping for some input. Needless to say, I’ve been so bummed since I got because it didn’t come out how I would’ve liked. Thank you.
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