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"The Sitdown"

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Ran across this interesting little teaser on youtube for an upcoming documentary on NYC tattooing.



Richie Montgomery, Pete Giaquinto, Ronnie DellAquila, Mike Perfetto and Tony Polito

Got another trailer here

Looks like it's going to be released early 2013 sometime.

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There's an interesting bit in the second video about line weight. I have a tattoo from Tony D'Annessa and the lines in it are pretty fine, certainly a lot finer than you see on contemporary traditional tattoos.

Yeah I picked up on that, does seem that a lot of people doing traditional work over here are going for heavier annd heavier lines. Looking forward to watching this!

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That makes me want to go get tattooed by all those guy's. I just met Richie at the Asbury convention,and he's a stand up guy.I may take a ride to his shop on long island and get a little something from him. Perfetto tattooed me like 14yrs. ago,and it was one of the coolest experiences being tattooed by him,and him showing me the tattoos he has from Bob Roberts,Eddie Deutsche,& Jack Rudy.And he's got the funniest evil laugh out there.

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