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Another one from Toronto


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Hey everyone!

I've been lurking the site for a couple of days and decided I should halt the procrastination. Anyway here my little tattoo intro

My name is Mike. I guess by the terms used on the site I'd be a collector. I got hooked on Japanese tattooing at the beginning of 2011. After 6 months of research and gleaning whatever information I could from the internet I ended up flying to Japan and showing up at the doorstep of Horimitsu in Ikebukuro ( I should mention it was both my first tattoo and first trip to japan). It turned into a cool adventure while my tattoo still isn't finished I've been back and forth to Japan with Mitsu even coming to Toronto twice. I even ended up getting tattooed at a japanese convention and going on the horitoshi family's yearly vacation. Now I'm more hooked than ever.

Anyway here are some crap self taken pics:


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