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Shark tattoo


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Really want a shark tattoo, I have the idea ready for someone to get it drawn up, problem is deciding on an artist.

Here are a few artists I am considering, will be searching for more when I get time.

Thinking it will need some blood in the water and big sharp teeth.

Hunter and Fox Tattoo - Sanchez

jasmin austin | Tumblr

Hunter and Fox Tattoo - W.T. Norbert

Always a consideration for me is Tristan Bentley

Open for ideas on artists from Australia or someone heading over to Australia.

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The guy's at hunter & fox are both good.I would imagine jasmine is probably booked up for some time.Some more options to check out.




Really like Alex Rusty Cairns, I think I might give him a call and see where it goes from there.

Thanks for the links, these shops are close to my place only 1hr drive, suppose I should have looked harder never heard of these shops. Seems lighthouse will not give out there address until you make an appointment.

Thanks again

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Tried to book with Stevie Edge, unfortunately for us living in Australia he is moving to America and not taking anymore appointments.

The Stevie Edge I know is tattooing at Hunter and Fox from January 2013. You can get in touch with him at info[MENTION=3447]stevi[/MENTION]eedge.com or call Hunter and Fox on 93412527 and get in early! :D

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Yep it is the same Stevie Edge, seems I miss understood the information I had been given when trying to book him at his current shop, After calling Hunter and fox they informed me Stevie is going to America for a holiday over christmas and will be back tattooing at Hunter and Fox in January 2013.

Aussie Tom your info is spot on, now I am booked in for the 16th January with him.

Stoked thought I had missed my chance.

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