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Long time lurker. First time posting and introducing myself.

My name is Tron. I just recently moved away from NYC where I worked with my friends/tattoo family at Thicker Than Water in the East Village. I just moved to Portland, OR and am currently looking for a new shop to call home out here as well as some new people to befriend and paint/hang with. I've been tattooing for a little over 2 years now and always trying to push on and move forward and learn as much as I can. I don't do much but paint all the time. I'm into punk, bicycles, motorcycles, weird shit, funny shit, hopeless romantic shit, science, nature, the occult, coffee, and Morrissey.

I'm technologically retarded and have no clue how to post pics of my stuff so...

My website is here: LOSINGSHAPE

In the words of Boy George: I'll Tumblr for you - Losing Shape

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @LosingShape

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You need some interests outside tattooing.

Haha I do have interests outside of tattooing. But mostly I'm an awkward stoner hermit that enjoys sitting at home painting listening to records.

- - - Updated - - -

@LosingShape what's up! Pat here (formerly of HH, now the Richardson), hope the move went well -- did you bring the new bike?

Hey Pat!! Nice to see ya on here! The move went well, stressful and annoying but I guess that's how moving goes. We're still out here getting settled and sort of living out of boxes since we don't have much furniture yet. But yes! I did bring the new bike out here with me, it's sitting in the garage until I can make some $ to get my motorcycle license and take one of those classes. Hope all is well in NYC. I miss the drinks at the Richardson, but Portland has got some strong whiskey drinks and bartenders with a heavy hand. Haha!

- - - Updated - - -

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

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@LosingShape - I lived in Portland for 11 years and still miss it every day. It's a great city and I'm sure you will find your niche.

What part of the city are you living in?

I've lived in Portland twice before in the past the first time was in 2001 and then again in 2006. It's much different now but I like it a lot. I'm currently living in the NW right now in the Pearl.

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Welcome to LST @LosingShape you do pretty tattoos

Thanks for the kind words!

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hi tron!

Hey ryan! Look at you going tat crazy these days!

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You've only been Tattooing 2 years? BRAVO SIR!!!!!

Haha yep, I've got a long way to go still, but thanks!

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Welcome to Last Sparrow Tron, we talked at the Portland Tattoo Convention in October at the Artwork Rebels booth, hope your move went smooth and you find a permanent shop soon. You still doing appointments at Fortune Tattoo?

Hey David -

Nice meeting ya at the PDX tat con. I'm actually not at Fortune, I'm just kinda floating around right now until I get my license set up. I'll be over at Grizzly Tattoo this week until Fri Dec 21st filling in for a few days though.

- - - Updated - - -

You make nice things, I was actually hoping to get something form you at some point before you left the city, but I suppose I'll have to find you another time!

Hey Jack -

I'll be back in NYC early Feb guesting at Thicker Than Water and at Three Kings for a few days. Will also be at the Philly Tat Con as well. Just haven't posted official dates yet.

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