What tattoo designs can you never see enough of?

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Tattoo trends come and go through "larger" society but many of the tattooers on here have been in the trade of tattooing for some time now and have seen things circle through and also see certain tattoo designs stay popular amongst specific communities. So I am wondering what tattoo designs can you not see enough of? As well as what tattoos can you never get sick of drawing and tattooing? Thanks!

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PEACOCKS, portraits, long stemmed thorny roses with a banner in the middle and a name, "east l.a. christmas trees" (a college of four girls, two vertical, two horizantal), names, head shots, skulls, grim reapers, spiderwebs, pachuco crosses, gypsies, wizards, L.A. logos in all black, aztec stuff, charra girls, old english, traditional roses, dice, weedleaves, car club logos, misfits skulls, lowrides, cholas, gun barrells (beware of owner), la pieta, jesus portraits, religious stuff, psycho city blocks (big 3D block letters), laughnowcrylater, area codes, face tattoos, gangster shit, anything done single needle, spiders, pharoes horses, winged stuff, rosaries on wrists or feet, girls with long, feathered out hair, castles, prison towers, barbed wire, old school gang stuff, jailhouse tattoos, old homemade, handpoked stuff.

There is a motif of a dude kissing his hyna. No name for it but people who have been around know whats up; everyone has seen it at some time or another:




all day.



Not into diamonds or fuckin umbrellas, cup cakes, cherries, ICP clowns, Mike Devries superrealism or birdcages or weird rosespanthercoffins with spiderwebs and pretend cholo writing in the background. No cartoony Joe Cap, No dia de low muertos newjack neochicano Mike Giant BULLSHIT. No Nikko Hurtado, Roman Abeigo, Bandon Bond Neuma machine portrait crap. My favorite tattoos is neighborhood stuff from the late 60's to the mid 80's. I will never ever get tired of looking at it. It's what I thought was dope as a kid, and what I think is dope to this very day.

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Anything archetypal that's stood the test of time. Imagery that properly conveys the tattoo aesthetic survives on its own.

When Malone tattooed me, he talked about "flags." When he did the Sacred Heart thing on my chest (brutal, I dry cried throughout) he made a cross in the air and said "A cross, now that's a good flag. Two lines." In my limited interactions with that guy I really paid attention to what he said. He knew what he was doing. His flash is pretty much perfect to me. Not that Jerry's isn't. And Joe Lieber's. I need to look at more of Jensen's crap.

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