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Hello LST - my first post


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Hi, my name is Shaun, I live in Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. I've heard of this forum before and even watched a few of the interview videos but haven't ever felt I should join. That is until this week when I saw a post by Our Endless Days who runs what is statistically my favorite tattoo tumblr (by reblogs and likes).

Since deciding early last year that I was finally getting a tattoo (at age 34) I must say it's become a mild obsession. I have two tattoos so far (by Chris Lombardi and Franz Stefanik respectively) and my next is booked for May (with Joe Ellis at Lab Monkey in Scotland).

Tumblr is how I learned most of what I know about tattoos so far. My original plan was to get a bunch of text somewhere like my chest (a bible verse) but reading dermagraphique and fuckoffshittattoos dissuaded me from that course. I'm a now a big fan of traditional tattoos. I keep a tumblr blog of my own to that effect - Steadfast and Sure, and I also have a couple subsidiary tattoo related ones - fuckyeahpharaohshorses and thatsanicechestpiece. Because someday I'd like to have get a Pharaoh's Horses tattoo and also an Epic Chest Piece, of course.

I'm looking forward to reading more of this forum and learning more. Just today I've already learned a lot about making fun of hipsters. Oh, and also I learned the term "Battle Royale" as it relates to tattoos, which is pretty awesome actually.


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