A big shoutout from Summerstown, Ontario Canada.

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I'm Andy, and I got my first tattoo about a month and a half ago ... just added to the original, and now looking for ideas to finish it off.

See the Attachments to see what I am coming up with to fill in the upper left area ... hope some of you can help with comments or even better .... ideas.


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Welcome dude! What'd you wanna fill, you want to go over the clouds? Best thing to do is stay out of photoshop and go talk to your tattooer. Or pick up some magazines/books to get some ideas, get the juices flowing. Or just spend some time in some of these threads: Tattoo Designs, Books and Flash | General Tattoo Forum | Last Sparrow Tattoo

I bet you won't need any suggestions after you drown yourself in some of these tattoos!

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Thanks for the reply. I'm looking to fill in the upper left area with either a sceptre or wings ... if you look at the last two pics above you'll get an idea of what I have in mind ... but I am curious if someone has another design idea that I am missing.

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