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Can't upload pics.

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@Mr. Frog - it looks like it's an issue w/ the 'flash' uploader - I tested with the 'standard' uploader and it seemed to work.

I'll keep looking into it, but you should be able to at least make it work that way for now.

If that isn't working for you, please email me, or post here, one of the images that are giving you trouble.


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Still not working. I will try to load one in here.

Strange. I was able to upload that picture logged in as you - you'll see it in your gallery with the name 'test' you can rename it using the image edit tools on the right side.

I used the 'standard' uploader - did you try it with that one?

Which browser and OS are you using?


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i as well could not use flash, after referring to this thread the standard worked... flash took 3 times and gave me nothing every time. so thank you for the direction! btw OS is windows 7 and browser is firefox

Thanks for letting us know!

I have disabled the flash uploader for now to avoid further issues - since it seems to be a bit flakey.

If anybody was loving the flash uploader and wishes it was still available, please let me know. ;)

Thanks again for your patience with this stuff.

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