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Whatsup yall My name is David Spry im 22 ive been tattooing professionally here for about 7 months, I work at Always True Tattoo in Haines City, Fl. Im really getting into the American Traditional style of tattooing, I think that every tattooist should have a huge appriciation for that style because if not for the old school stuff then the new school stuff wouldnt have came as far as it is now.. or maybe im wrong, fuck who knows right, haha but I joined LST to learn history and gain knowledge and respect for the art and artists, and learn as much as I can about tattoing and to be a better artist in general. cheers

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@David Spry, these intro posts sometimes get buried. If a group of peoplle sign-up clsoe together, or if they just post their intro's close together, then it's easy to miss one. I try to go through and make sure everyone gets an answer, and I know the mods do as well. I'm figuring that's all it was, lotsa first posts.

Anyhow, I see you're posting away, so you must be getting sumpin good here!

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