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The New Year in New York City meetup

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Hey so...us East Coasters are terrible at this but I think we can always give it another shot. Why not?

I am suggesting another meetup in January after the new year. I was thinking mid to end of January. I was also thinking of heading into Manhattan instead of Brooklyn as it might be easier to get to for all of us.

Who's in?

@G.Uristti , @CultExciter , @ShawnPorter , @ChrisM , @Joe Shit , @dirbab , @Jack , @Colored Guy , @Our Endless Days , @Perez , @LeoKraft , @Bunny Switchblade

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I need to actually make a trip up to Brooklyn.....but I am putting off any trips up to NYC right now until after the Philly Convention!

There are going to be way too make people at Philly I want to meet up with and haven't seen in a long time or met face to face yet....and of course

about 10 I want to be tattooed by.....lmao!

Keep me in the loop for sure on meet-ups in the future....I'd like to get up to Brooklyn.....or out on LI sometime around the end of April/beginning of May if possible!

Could probably do Manhattan as well around that time!

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