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119th Birthday of the Tattoo Machine TODAY! Dec. 8th 1891


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Yep, and it didn't work either. The electro magnetic dual coil was around long before the O'Reily patent and even Samuel didn't use it as the case of O'reily vs. Getchel proved. In the case where Getchel was defending himself from O'Reily, Getchel proved that the patent that he was accused of profiting on was a tool that was neither effective or used by the public to apply tattoos. Samuel was interested in cornering the market on tattooing and was an amazing self promoter who ultimatly lost his case in court over the patent and the patent upon examination was somwewhat void to it being similiar and in effect no diferant than Edison's Papirograph pen in it's patent form. Non the less it was still the historical first patent of such an item, but to give credit where credit is due would be to say that Edison was the mastermind of our elaborate doorbell.

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