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Gunnar reworked my eagle - what a difference


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After I got my 1st tattoo (eagle) a year and a half ago I was happy - no regrets. Even after getting my 1st Gunnar piece this past October and seeing the stark difference in quality, I still had no regrets. I went back to Gunnar this past weekend with plans to "add" a cobra to the eagle to even out the size of the tattoos on each of my upper arms. He spent 1.5 hours freehanding the cobra onto my arm before inking, and then scrapped the whole thing becuase he wasn't happy with how the cobra looked with the existing eagle. He ended up going in a different direction which included reworking the eagle itself which was something we never discussed. After that he added sky, then moved down and decided to do a desert scene. I cannot believe the before/after. There were so many things wrong with the original, but I must have purposefully ignored it to convince myself of having no regrets.

What I've learned over the past year is there is a difference going to a street shop to get a good tattoo, and seeking out an artist with a concept. I am not knocking street shops, but with my personal experience the street shop mentality took precedent over artistic quality with my first eagle.



After (crappy cell phone pic taken right after the session):


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