January 2013 Tattoo of the Month Contest

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Since I will lose anyways...lemme post up my snake/skull/dagger just for shits and giggles to see how it fares..

Regino Gonzalez




- - - Updated - - -

Seems like we can expect a pretty weak showing this month (slackers!), so I'll throw my most recent tattoo into the ring. Torch + snake from Ron Henry Wells, done just before Christmas at Congress Street Tattoo.

I love the black flames!

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"To keep in practice" hahahahaha

Yeah, kinda like last month...this month's contest was won, I think, the first day. And if it wasn't, there are enuf other crazy-good pieces to fill a years worth of "best of" contests. The piece I posted isn't anything special to anyone but me, just my way of holding my kids a little closer to my heart.

Thanks, Lochlan, and all of you posting these most excellent pieces!

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Love all the work

Here's my thigh piece. Done by my friend and mentor Angel Villanueva (Dringenberg & Co/ LA InkSpot). Hope I'm doing this right...

I really like this, nicely done. Definitely something on my long list of "upcoming tattoos." Myself, I go back and forth between full color or not with ship tattoos but I like the use of blacks and reds in this particular tattoo.

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