Hack 'Tattooers"

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i noticed this on ig today, can everybody name one(hack or shitty shop) and help the cause, i, personally, don't know any

but it would be good to know where NOT to go

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pic won't come up

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One man's ceiling is another man's floor.

There are shops I don't care for, but what I see as one thing, someone else sees differently.

Guess I'd rather talk about shops I think are outstanding than name the ones I don't care for.

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calling potential clients names seems counter-productive to getting them in your door...

naming names and pointing fingers rather than focusing on hard work, educating people, and positivity within tattooing (or life in general) seems a bit high school for me... i tried to avoid that mind set back then as well, but i see more and more people in all walks of life that seem to be stuck there mentally.

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    • Here's a decent photo of it. Nearly healed now. 🙂  This was a gift from my tattoo artist ... he's moving three hours away. Boooooo. But I'm happy for him. It's a great new studio, and he'll be closer to his family.
    • yep. 4-6 weeks before you really know what you've got.  post a link to the person who you're looking at for re-working it. 
    • I'd wait until it's healed so you actually know what it's going to look like before I start looking at having it "fixed." How exactly is the other artist going to "fix" it? I've seen more tattoos that look worse after they are fixed than better.
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