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    • Hello. Please excuse me but I do not speak English very well. I have 4 tattoos on my hands. My question is: After 2 months after the first 3 heals (the last one is done 2 weeks ago), the black color looks like gray. During the healing period I followed all the suggestions of the one who tattooed me. I washed twice a day with antibacterial soap, dried, then gave cream. After a month has passed, tattoos have turned gray. Why? The last tattoo is still black because it heals, but will it still be gray? I’m waiting for some answers, thank you very much.  
    • Thanks you all, it really helped. No he is not friend like that, only a work friend. I nerver knew that people write qk instead of "kuk" in Sweden so it was quite a shock to me. But you guys are all right, it means something to me and the majority won't read it as a word and I have to stop thinking about what he said. The thing was that my mom and dad have not seen the tattoo so I was worried that they may missread it too.
    • Leave it be. Remember, laser isn't like an eraser. Doesn't work like that...let it heal and it will settle. 
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