is my tattoo infected help

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recently i went to get a touch up on my tattoo i went home washed it and put a and d on it but it has a pimple on it and also it has a kind of stink smell on it. they say if there is no puss then its not infected and i don't want to keep bugging my artist. its a tiny pimple im not popping it but will it go away

my biggest fear is that its infected cause of the strange smell.

i am using a and d not sure why this is going on after getting touched up some of the ink is coming off too

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are you washing the tattoo off before everytime you apply more a&d? it's pretty thick so if you are just layering and layering a&d on it and not washing it properly then you are more than likely clogging you pores, which is making your skin break out.

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Are you sure the smell isnt the ointment? A&D has a distinct smell. Looks like a pimple rather than what I would consider an infection, but your artist should be able to help you more than a bunch of random folks speculating on the internet. I not, hit the doc-in-a-box.

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