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ello ello :)

Kelz erin

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Hi from a 20 years young australian aspiring. Sketch artist, thanks for having me!

I have always loved everything about the tattoo industry and the artists within it.

I"ll be getting my first tattoo this month, for my 20th birthday! Super excited! I've had the design for around two years now. waiting for my brother too get further in his apprentiship before he tattooed me. He was suprised when I ask for a half outer thigh peice,

But i love the flow of larger artworks.

Its an oriental lotus flower peice, I'm going for femine, bold and beautiful.

Anyway I guess that a short bio of myself ;)

Thanks again for having me, kellie.

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Very cool. Pencil realism is something that I can't do that I really wish I could. Kudos to you.

it just takes time and practice like all other techniques, i wouldn't say im amazing at it but i do my best. its a great to have something to challenge myself with so i keep trying harder more difficult works. Any feedback about them would also be greatly appreciated.

here's a few if the link works! :)

kellielovesnathan's deviantART gallery

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