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First timer here. I worked for the last 20 years in a business environment that on my contracts, told me no Tattoo's at all. Two years ago and at the age of 43, I got my first Tattoo and now I am working on a full back piece. As you can gather, I don't have that job anymore and run my own business now in Thailand...

Nice to meet you all...31581_475959662451908_2138343600_n_thumb.jpg 734173_475959115785296_35474090_n_thumb.jpg 400066_479906285390579_980513106_n_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for the warm welcome so far...

I have to have a really good dig around here an see some of the great work that is posted...

Yes, lots of work to still be done and not looking forward to the rib bit behind and under my shoulder/arm area... no pain no gain as they say!!!

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AKE is doing my back piece. He is located here in my second home, Chiangmai, Northern Thailand.

The outline took 8 1/2 hours to do. That last 3/4 of a hour was a bit grim... was getting tired

Next bit of pain starts on now the 31st of Jan.

He wanted me to have a break for about 3 weeks so he could see how my color settled in before he starts on the Umbrella and the buildings on the side/top bit (about 8 + hours). The sky took about 7 1/2 hours to do. He then said another break for 2 weeks, then will go to the flowers (6-8 hours), break for 2 more weeks and then the Geisha (6-8 hours) itself. Then to come back a month later to see if he needs to do anything else. His work seems pretty good. I must of saw about 15 other artists before deciding on him.

So, just see how it goes. I find I can handle about 7 hours a time but then that last hour or so... ohhhh dear....

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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