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Stupid question time - getting a shot where the tattoo is


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Both my upper arms are now tattooed, and every year I get a flu shot. Is there any risk of damaging a tattoo getting a shot through the ink?

I realize if I am so worried I can get a shot in my thigh or ass, but I'm curious to know.

Strangely enough I was thinking about the same thing tonight. I normally never get a flu shot but with the outbreak this year I might bite the bullet. I doubt it would damage your tattoo, but I not 100% sure about that.

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They do try with certain shots to avoid the ink, especially if it's fresh, it has to do with the cells that break stuff down (same cells that cause tattoos to fade) are also how inter-muscular shots are absorbed into the body.. forgive me I'm blanking on the actual terms, pretty much if you aggregate the area (sun burn, dead virus cells, ect) the "eater" cells will break down bits of the tattoo. (this causes fading/ the no longer clean smooth outline you once had on the microscopic level)

I'd play it safe and ask to get it some where else, there are a few locations for IM shots :)

Hope that kinda helps?

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