Twenty six year old guy from Maine.

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Hey there, just recently within the past year started getting tattooed as I got sober off of heroin and needed a new, more positive outlet/means of expression. I currently have like seven done. My second most recent piece is what brings me to this forum as I need info about covering it up. Just wanted to say hello!

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Well, on a whim I got a sort of portrait of my dog that died years ago on my chest and while the quality of work is fine, it aesthetically doesn't make any sense for where it is and I'm really unhappy with it. All of the work I've gotten that I've loved has been done at Death or Glory in Westbrook, Maine. I need to see about covering this portrait up but I am skeptical because it's fairly large. Honestly it's pretty much made me miserable having gotten something I dislike so much. Anyways, any input on that would be awesome.

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