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Jeff Tarinelli, Oddball studios. Portland, Oregon.

Jeff Tarinelli

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Greetings all,

First id like to say that I very much like the layout and way of this forum. I am a moderator on another online community non tattoo related and appreciate the safe guards taken here to weed out the riff raff. I can fully appreciate what a daunting task this can be for moderators and creators.

A bit about me. I've been tattooing for 18 years and created and owned Oddball Studios in Portland Oregon until last year in which I sold the studio to by business partner Jaoson Leisge in order to live and work in Cusco, Peru where I'm writing you all from now.

I have spent a lot of time in Hawaii and studying Polynesian tattooing and this has been my passion and focus for the past decade. I like to use a fusion of these styles but out of respect try not to tattoo traditional designs on non Polynesians.

I'm currently building my private client base now and find myself going from months booked out to days of down time. So Its my wish and hope to still feel connected to the tattoo industry and hopefully be able to give back to this forum the knowledge and ideas I have acquired over my career as well as learn from you all.

Much love please feel free to visit my website for more information and pictures.

A Tattooed Life, Cusco Peru. - Tattooed Life, Cusco Peru

I look forward to helping new artists as I HAVE NO trade secrets. I don't fear competition and wish to uplift the tattoo art community as a whole and keeping secrets, is IMO, defeating to our art being appreciated and accepted.

So ask anything, I will answer with my best and if I don't know an answer will have the humility to say....I dont know.

Thanks for such a at first appearance a great forum and I hope to be part of this community.

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Welcome, Jeff! And Lochlan beat me to it re: trade secrets. But back to you: how are you liking Peru? I used to work for a Peruvian company, but only got to visit HQ once. And unfortunately, I was stuck in Lima the whole time, but man, I could eat Peruvian food every day.

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Thank you all for a warm reception. I apologize for my trade secret comments I thought I read in the rules and conduct section a person was just not allowed to make a thread asking for them but I didn't realize they are not to be discussed or pm's. I understand now and will of course comply.

Peru has been a rough transition in many ways. Going from busy to dead has been hard. Its why I joined this forum to stay and feel connected with the art. As its just me and my girl here the days can be long but getting my website hits and keeping up on other media has kept me busy.

Again its a pleasure to be here.


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Hey Jeff, greetings from Portland. I just joined this website (late in the game I know). I hope Peru is fun and enriching for you two. I'm not sure you remember me, but I co-own lady luck tattoo here with mad marcii. Before 2002 we both worked at 21st century. Just wanted to say hello and wish you happy tattooing in Peru! Jeanine

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