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Cold Dogs

Dan S

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So, this definitely doesn't have anything to do with tattoos, but I thought y'all might get a kick out of it.

This was Monday evening, around 18.30. The temp was like five degrees, an it was heading south to minus five Fahrenheit. Cold.

We had just finished dinner, and my oldest boy and his daughter and dogs were leaving to go home. he let his dogs out, and stopped to fire-up my car so it could warm-up. When he turned his head to do that, the dogs made book.

Now, the dogs. There are two, the older one is a dawg, maybe 75 pounds, short hair, curly tail, yellow looking thing, kinda resembles a dingo. He's a real nice dog, but has a screw loose about running away. When he puts his mind to it, he's fast as hell, and if he decides to go, you aren't going to catch him till he's ready to come home. The other one, the little fella, he's a boxer pup, maybe four months old and 35 pounds, skin n bones.

Anyhow, the dogs took off, and by the time my son noticed, they were out in the field already. My place is on the middle of about 500 acres of corn, so it's pretty dark at night.

We all got in separate cars and went out looking for them...no sightings, and really, no chance of coming across them except by sheer luck. All of our spotlights were burned-out, batteries cashed, and the cars weren't digging the temperature. My oldest had walked our road, about two miles, both ways a few times, and saw nothing. About 24.00 we packed it in, and hoping that at least the little guy might be holed-up in a barn somewhere, went home.

06.00 Tuesday my oldest gets a call from a Lady, asks if he belongs to a couple of dogs. Yes he do. She was driving up from Illinois to go to work, and when she got to the state line, she noticed sommething odd in a deep ditch. Stopped, backed-up to it, and saw it was two dogs curled up together in the bottom of the ditch. Couldn't tell if they were dead or alive, but she went down and check on them. When she got close, the older guy got up an made unfriendly noises at her, but when the dogs saw the door to her truck was open and the motor running, they decided maybe it would be better to bite her AFTER they got warmed up.

Sums it up. She delivered them to my son who had been busy trying to resign himself to them being dead...but was sure 'nuff glad they weren't. They spent the next day racked-out together in my office, the old fella is a bit TOO old for that kind of thing. Thought this was decent...


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