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Born Weird

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@sboyer and his partner are about to drop another book via their Yellow Beak Press label- Born Weird.

I figure he's been so damned busy working on it that he's forgotten to start a thread. Since I'm super excited about it, I'll jump in and start one up- hope you don't mind, Scott?

I've been pretty vocal about my love for Higgs, Dave Lum and Scott Harrison's work in the 1990s- that "American Weirdo" style that Hardy talked about in Tattoo Time V. It really influenced how I got tattooed more than just about any other 'school' of tattooing save esoteric/occult stuff. I think it's fair to say that Weirdo stuff led me to where I am now.

I just put a few teaser images up from the book on Occult Vibrations, and... it's just weird. So weird. Almost (blissfully) untattooably weird.

It's going to be like the Zeis book- first 200 (of 2000) copies gets a watercolor print.

I'm really geeked about this one.

Were you BORN WEIRD? « Occult Vibrations

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I'm so excited about this, @sboyer! Another great book from Yellow Beak Press.

I was so excited apparently that I went out and got tattooed by the second tattooer on the list of contributors yesterday, Adam Craven. It was a coincidence, however seeing the exhibit made me more aware of his work, instead of just the guy who works with Mav, who does nice tattoos.

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