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Anyone Heard from Duffa?


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@MadeIndelible sorry homie!!! I'm still around as always, I've been lurking a lot and the internet connection I am currently on isn't super reliable nor quick by any means! Which thankfully will be fixed within the next couple of weeks, and man have i got some things to post ;) I've also had to take a crappy day job (which is long and arduous) and most of the time when I get a chance to get on here, I'll start to type a post and it feels like all my writing is an incomprehensible mess!! haha.

Cheers for the thread/post my brother!!!

- - - Updated - - -

Oh and one other thing - I've pretty much got a two, possibly three weeks stint in Japan in the works for mid-year so the travel thread will be brought back from the dead and I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date of my travels/progress (yeah, I'm starting my back ;) )

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