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Seeing this, my initial reaction was *british voice* "oh my effing jaysus christ", then I started cackling for so loud and so long that a coyote (I work in a shack in the sticks) apparently thought I was it's brother calling for help and started howling back at me! Good lord that is atrocious. He needs to black it out or destroy any evidence of the picture and tell his daughter it's a cross between Smeagol, Voldy and a lifelike mexican drinking worm!

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Ugh, I've seen a bunch of these. Portraits are so hard that I wouldn't go to just anyone to do them.

See, they want to be cheap and go to scratchers, it's what they get. :D

A portrait of a cat might be safe with a good artist... but people, I can only think of a few artists I would trust.

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