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Newbie Guidelines

Welcome to Last Sparrow Tattoo (LST) - we are happy that you have decided to join our community!

Here are some basic rules and guidelines that will help to ensure that your time spent on our free public forum is a useful and positive experience:

The goal of LST is to create a positive and respectful place where both tattooers and collectors alike can access a wealth of information about Tattooing, share their own experiences and perspectives, and cultivate valuable relationships within the tattoo community.

We ask that you please use common sense when it comes to posting. If you find that you’re second-guessing yourself on a new post, chances are that you should hold off on posting it until you've had more time to consider the type of reaction it might draw first. Remember that we are focusing on positivity and respect here.

Do introduce yourself in the initiation thread so that we can properly welcome you!

Do use the search feature to make sure your question is not already answered in another thread, before posting. We want to avoid duplicate threads as much as possible.

Do watch these videos to help you gain insight on the history and culture of good, respectable tattooing.

Do not start threads asking about specific tattooing equipment or techniques, LST is not here to teach anyone how to tattoo. Ask your own tattooer, the next time you are getting tattooed. Maybe they'll answer you, maybe they won't.

Do not start threads regarding closely guarded trade secrets - this will keep LST a much more welcoming place for everyone, tattooers and enthusiasts alike.

Do not start threads asking questions about "breaking into the business" of tattooing.

Spamming: Accounts which are obviously created to spam the boards will be banned instantly and the offending posts will be deleted. Accounts that were not created to spam the board but do spam will be banned at the administration and moderator's discretion. Do not post the same post in multiple places around LST as this can also be considered SPAM.

Disruption: Posting for the purpose of creating disruption on these boards will not be tolerated (e.g., "baiting" or "trolling"). This includes deliberately violating board guidelines and courtesies or otherwise posting in a manner that is deemed by LST moderators to be disruptive or harassing. Please note that creating a new member name for the purpose of disruption places your primary LST account in jeopardy as well.

You may be banned if you violate any of these Rules or Guidelines.

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