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Alright everyone-greetings from London x

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This is my first post so let me say a big thank-you and hi .I'm relatively new to seious tattooing but can't believe the amazing world that has already opened up for me via appreciation of the artists craft.I have been sick-bedridden on and off now for 10 years suffering from a disease called fibromylagia also known as cronic fatigue obviously in that time i have slowly dicovered the internet specifically tattoo sites.Let me firstly commend the community for the intelligence and generousity of material available to both view and read and the respect given to both artist and fan alike.Stereotypes die hard but the tattooing cliche i'm sure everyones aware of couldn't be further from the truth but i guess it keeps some away which probably doesn't hurt.Any way inspired by the work i've seen my depression has turned to inspiration and i've started drawing again specifically traditional syle although i have also a good understanding of irezumi & expensive reference material LOL.Any way sorry for waffling on but all my research has been on my own so i'm sounding off on you guys-sorry .i particularly like Bert Krak ,Scott Sylvia and the blackheart team and Jeff Zuck .Cheers Kyle

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