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What would you like to see written about tattoos and/or tattoo artists?


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Hi all!

I'm a writer with a deadline and an empty head. I have a chance to write for a tattoo publication, and suddenly I am fresh out of ideas! I'm looking for inspiration for a tattoo related article. Even tangentially related about tattoos. Usually I have a million ideas - this is one of those situations where the moment I got the offer my brain went *splat* and all ideas went rushing out of my head. I'm a working writer who would like to transition to topics that aren't a) someone else's soulless copywriting needs, and b) are in line with my passions, so this is an opportunity that I am super excited about and hope will lead to more!

To that end, I come to you for ideas and inspiration! Any topics you'd like to see? Any subjects you think should be touched upon?

No need to do my homework for me, my brain is still working and I have a few ideas (women tattooers through the ages? a recently active thread and I *did* just receive "Bodies of Subversion"...), but I'd love to hear from the galley!

Thanks in advance for participating in the brainstorm...I think I just need dialogue to get going!

If this post is in any way inappropriate or out of place, I apologize for that too! Still newish and learning. :)

Thanks everybody!

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A customers guide on how to get tattooed.

More real life down to earth portrayals of tattooers.

25 reasons why people shouldn't become tattooers.

Thanks David! All good ideas and going into the idea file.

Today has been a good day! Hope it has been so for the rest of you forum folks out there, as well. :)

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