Recommendation for an artist for Japanese back piece in DC or surrounding area

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I would like to get a recommendation for an artist to do a Japanese back piece in the DC and surrounding area. I looked on the forum and viewed the profiles of some of the recommended shops in this area, but didn't really find anyone that thrilled me. I found someone I like, Josh Egnew at Three Kings, but would prefer not to have to drive all the way to New York. However, my prime concern is getting a good piece of work, so I'm somewhat flexible about how far I go.

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Brian Bruno is in Richmond VA, not super close, but closer than NYC?

Brian would be my first choice just on talent alone.

Andrew Conner | Artist is very good.

E Y E S P E A K | tattoos by Mike Sikes

Dana Helmuth :



Martin@ Olde City Tattoo | Just another WordPress.com site


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I've been tattooed by both Dana Helmuth (18 hrs.) and Brian Bruno (7 hrs.), among others. When I go back to get some more ink they are really at the top of my list. Hmm, tricky call. They were both super professional with me and hard working (fast) guys even though they were both really light handed.

I really like Tony Morrell's work too, but he's expensive. Someone mentioned RedLetter1, but they're nowhere close to DC.

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    • This. I have a piece on my back that I've not once fretted over. But after I got my first "visible" tattoo I started going over every f*cking detail. This was after waiting a long time, searching for the perfect tattoo artist, consulting with the artist prior, etc. I was calculated. But as already noted, some people (such as myself) need that little bit of reassurance because maybe our anxiety gets the better of us. We're all wired differently.  To the OP, to me it looks like you got a bit tanner. Not to worry, even if it is darker, it will still look great. 
    • LMFAO @ that GIF 🤣🤣  that cracked me up! honestly I think most people just want some kind of reassurance in most aspects with their questions. I know the main reason I joined initially was cause I had a crack on the inside of my ditch (little did I know there was a thread from years ago about healing ditches etc). Then I got paranoid about infection because I just lost my job and don’t have health insurance and you know the funniest thing? This is the first tattoo I can actually see, and saw during the healing process. The rest of mine are shoulder, collarbone, back. I mean I can see my collarbone in the mirror but not infront of my face like my arm... I honestly think that’s partly the issue, if you can see it, you can dwell on imperfections, how it’s healing etc etc. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    • I know you can't tell me anything until it's healed, but what can you tell me?   I'm with you on the no anxiety after getting a tattoo. I read about it and understand it, but I've never felt it. Probably because I waited so long, researched it so thoroughly, and took my time finding the right artist.
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