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I think it would be very helpful if the tattooers/shop list would be categorized either by state/country or by tattoo genre (allround, oldschool, portraits...).

I don't know if that's possible, but think it would be a lot easier to read this way and more people would benefit from it as a starting point in their search for a good tattooist.

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Sorry, I just saw that know.

Would be great if one could view the list by style as well. I know most tattooists are allrounders anyway, but maybe for the most popular styles like oldschool, realistic/portrait.

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Hi, me and my gf bought some tickets to Las Vegas to attend to the Mario Barths TBTSOE, but it was cancelled and moved to next year. However, we are going to Vegas anyway so I was wondering if anybody know about some great artists who does dotwork (technical blackwork) in that area? We will be in town from 21th of sep to 3rd of oct. If not, we are up for some cold ones.

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I have a whole bunch of artists I like. Here's one that I find interesting. Knaley Gav. He makes tattoos from his flash which are awesome. What I find interesting and I think most people find interesting about him is that he does the same damn design like hundreds of times on people. He will even paint the flash sheets a whole bunch of times. He does these awesome cats with different things in their mouth (pizza, watermelon, birds.) So awesome

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