longtime listener, first time caller.

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hey dudes.

whats up Scott? (hey, im back from overseas. gimme a shout)

Mario- you are the greatest. xoxo

<3 - seth

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Welcome to the tattoo forum Seth and back to this side of the world. Look forward to more form you and hearing about your shop and tattoos! Do we get to see those rose tattoos Hogg requested?

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shit.. sorry, i keep forgetting to check back on this thread.

i forgot the name of the forum, and just spent the last 10 minutes on google, looking for "last swallow forum", and came across a lot of gay discussion threads. i was like, why the eff would scott call his forum something that sounds so much like a gay bar?

then i remembered it was "sparrow" and not swallow.

anyway, i'm bookmarking it.

so yeah.. new shop, right outside of portland. mostly walk-ins, lots of flash, lots of neon lighting/signs, etc. it's like a bug light for people. they just wander in all day, which is kinda rad. i'm tattooing a bit more now, mostly when i travel. (and for some reason, a shit ton of roses)

no new pics, but there's some stuff on my website. here

thanks for the warm welcome!

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    • I have 12 tattoos and my last few have healed so badly that I am reluctant to get anymore done. I stick to the healing routine everytime using mild anti bacterial wash 2/3 times a day, make sure it is dry before I add a pure moisturiser. I used to use bepanthan but no matter how well I air dried it, it still gunks up. I then tried just coconut oil which is better but im still not healing well. My last 5 tattoos have been colour and I'm wondering if this may be the issue. So desperate to find a reason for it as I absolutely love my tattoos and have so many more I have spent a lot of time designing that I want done. Maybe I am destined to only get black fine line ones.  
    • I got this tattoo back in November. I had it touched up in mid-December from the same artist and it still looks like this. You can see on the “N” that it almost looks like my skin is coming through the ink on the right side. Is it time to get it touched up for a third time but by a different artist? The missed ink is very noticeable. Thanks for your help!
    • Yep. Where do you live?  Maybe we can steer you to a couple of quality options . . . 
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