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longtime listener, first time caller.


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shit.. sorry, i keep forgetting to check back on this thread.

i forgot the name of the forum, and just spent the last 10 minutes on google, looking for "last swallow forum", and came across a lot of gay discussion threads. i was like, why the eff would scott call his forum something that sounds so much like a gay bar?

then i remembered it was "sparrow" and not swallow.

anyway, i'm bookmarking it.

so yeah.. new shop, right outside of portland. mostly walk-ins, lots of flash, lots of neon lighting/signs, etc. it's like a bug light for people. they just wander in all day, which is kinda rad. i'm tattooing a bit more now, mostly when i travel. (and for some reason, a shit ton of roses)

no new pics, but there's some stuff on my website. here

thanks for the warm welcome!

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