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    • It’s okay! You’re not being mean. It’s the truth and you’re being honest. Especially when we’re talking about something that will permanently be on someone’s body for the rest of their life. Any feedback including yours will help me determine whether it would be worth it or not putting it for sale. I really appreciate the feedback! 
    • nobody has ever said anything negative to me about my tattoos,if they do I will blurt out something rude & sarcastic, I always show mine (clothing wise) as much as I can, even my work is totally cool with it,the inmates actually compliment me on them. I wear short sleeves at work and shorts & tees all the other time.
    • Never any comments, just disapproving looks. Some family members have commented, but generally just busting my chops or telling me how little my mom would have liked them. I'd take no crap from a stranger and promptly tell them to get bent.
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