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There's all kinds of stuff on here about the worst tattoos you've seen and pain in the ass clients, but what about the ones you love?

For those of you who watched Nick Colella's interview, you'll remember him talking about a client who got his first tattoo with Nick. After that they've attended each others weddings and become close. It made me feel really good, because we so often forget about the awesome people we meet in the wake of the psycho drunk assholes that affect our day so much more strongly.

So let's chat about some of the awesome people who you look forward to seeing in your tattoo shops.

Ps this post is also partially inspired by an awesome repeat customer of mine named Alanna who posts on LST regularly and has taken a truly responsible interest in good tattooing and traveling to indulge her new hobby. She also brings us cookies and is also always an uplifting presence in the shop. We need to celebrate radical dudes like her who got into tattooing post tv show, but have a pre-tv show reverence for the trade.

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I'm really really flattered(and surprised) that I was inspiring to you Lizzie(in even a small way)!

I am the type of person that likes to stay in the background and i'm kind of the watcher and listener of whatever is going on around me. I try my best to be positive force and always have a smile on my face!

I read this post on Christmas night and it was so uplifting to have someone recognize that I really am very interested in my new hobby. As well as the fact that I was so sick and mostly stayed in bed over the holidays, so it was a nice pick me up.

I hope that other will contribute to this thread and share some positive stories!

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We have a client who I've tattooed for 6 years now. I've seen him through girlfriends, drug problems, etc. I've spent years covering up all his hateful skinhead tattoos and we are almost all done. Reecntly, I've seen him meet the love of his life, with almost all his history covered on his skin, and he just had a baby. I tattooed him on his 365th day of sobriety just recently. I almost get teary eyed at the thought of what a difference he has actively made in his life and he went from being a difficult, cancellation-crazy customer to someone who I just wqnt to hug when he's on his way out. When he leaves, everyone in the shop has smiles about how this guy turned his life around.

I love that we all get inspired to be better people through his hard work. Such a great guy.

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